Pixel Perfect™ is a laser treatment that transforms skin by giving it a younger, healthier, more radiant appearance. This laser treatment clears years of sun damage, dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. It creates thousands of microscopic perforations while leaving the surrounding tissue intact. These micro-injury sites begin to heal, remodeling collagen, fading scars, and improving texture. This is an ablative laser.

Effective treatment:

  • Shrinks the appearance of pores
  • Clears blotchy or spotted skin
  • Smooths and fades acne scars
  • Gives a glow to the skin
  • Helps to even skin tone
  • Can eliminate wrinkles and fine lines

Frequently Asked Questions

Which areas can be treated?

The face, neck, chest, and hands can all benefit from Skin Resurfacing. It is also particularly effective in the areas around the eyes.

Is there any downtime?

Yes. The typical downtime following this procedure is three to five days.

How many treatments are needed?

Every Skin Resurfacing program is personalized to the client, but the typical course requires three to five treatments.

Does it hurt?

There is no pain during the actual procedure. However, there is minimal discomfort after that can be alleviated by cooling the treated areas.

Can it be combined with other treatments?

Yes. We can combine this with a photofacial or a microdermabrasion to augment the results.

Forms and Information

Download Skin Resurfacing Consent Form

Download Skin Resurfacing Post Care Info