As we get past the age of 30, our collagen production decreases and the effects of sun, environmental exposure, and chronological aging start to take their toll. If you smoke, or if you are an outdoorsy person, this can start even earlier. Fine lines and wrinkles start to appear. Laser treatments can stimulate collagen to rebuild itself, giving the skin a plumper look, which in turns gives a more youthful appearance. Lines recede and the overall look of the skin is fresher, smoother, and all without downtime or invasive procedures. The skin gets blotchy with uneven pigmentation and broken blood vessels become more prominent as we age.

The KTP laser from Gemini, with its unparalleled affinity for pigment, eliminates unwanted capillaries and age spots. It can be used with pen-like precision to eliminate fine unwanted vessels on the nostrils and on the cheeks. For more diffuse redness of the face, like Rosacea, we use Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment. IPL treatment is also used to treat discolorations on the neck, chest, and arms.

We are proud to offer the Omnilux Light Therapy system with its spectrum of red, blue, and yellow lights. We also use Gentle-Waves, an amber colored LED light, to turn up the collagen production of the skin with absolutely no down time. It gives your skin a wonderful glow!

The KTP laser from Gemini, which stimulates collagen production, is recommended once a month. Like a facial, a once a month treatment is a wonderful way to maintain healthy looking and supple skin.

We offer two leading radio-frequency technologies — ACCENT® XL and Infini microneedling — to tighten the skin. We also have products that maintain or enhance the results of the laser. We also recommend not eating or drinking highly processed and sugary food as it does cause premature aging of the skin. Some wrinkles we have earned and love, but we certainly want to eliminate or prevent premature wrinkles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose The DermBar?

We have earned the trust of our clients with our experience. We always create an individualized approach that takes full advantage of the latest laser and light therapies available.

How many treatments are needed?

While a typical treatment regimen consists of three to five treatments for best results, you may start to see fresher, smoother skin after your first visit!