BOTOX® is injected into the muscles to relax the furrows and creases that come from years of repeated facial movements. It is very effective for the forehead, the space between the brows, and the "crow's feet" area at the outer corners of the eyes. We have had tremendous success softening the brow line with BOTOX®. Treatments are effective when the area and amount is tailored for each client.

BOTOX® Cosmetic is not just for women. If you are a man and think it's time to do something about those lines between your brows, around your eyes, and on your forehead, BOTOX® Cosmetic is right for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my expressions be frozen?

This depends on what you want. Some people prefer a natural, expressive look, and would like to simply reduce lines. Others may prefer a very smooth look. Again, this is a personal preference and we offer a complimentary consultation to help you decide on an appropriate regimen.

How long does it last?

Usually three to four months (and potentially up to six months).

Does it hurt?

We use a very fine needle and are careful to minimize the temporary and quick stinging sensation.

What is the dilution?

We use 2 cc of saline per 100 units of BOTOX®.

Forms and Information

Download BOTOX® Consent Form

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