Non-surgical body contouring and tightening can be achieved by heating the skin's inner layers through radio-frequency technology. Radio-frequency energy is converted into thermal energy allowing collagen contraction and production of new collagen for tighter, healthier looking skin without surface damage.

Three to five treatments are recommended for best results. This treatment can be done on several areas including the face and neck, upper arms, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. There is no recovery time, anesthesia, incision or stitches, and the procedure is suitable for all skin types.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does DermBar do this?

We utilize three different machines and personalize our approach for your specific needs. Our office is proud to use two innovative radio-frequency techniques, Alma's ACCENT® VShape and Inifini microneedling. We also use the Gemini Nd:YAG laser which provides stimulation of collagen production by deep penetrating waves, causing production of type 1 procollagen in the dermal matrix .

How many treatments are needed?

The ACCENT® VShape and Nd:YAG Laser require five treatments for most clients. With Inifini, results are evident after one treatment, but subsequent treatments may be required after six months. Our extremely popular Nd:YAG treatments are priced so that you can get one per month. It is almost like getting a facial!

Is this permanent?

Being mindful of the fact that aging is a continous process, results are long-lasting but not permanent.

Forms and Information

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